Outsourcing Concept

Outsourcing in this context refers to “ a licensed outsourcing company that having a blinding contract with another company to provide services that might otherwise be performed by in house employees”


The demand for manpower had increased significantly through the years. To overcome this demand, we believe in working closely with each of our clients’ base on the outsourcing concept. Many reasons why those companies outsource their labors are because it has become the most prominent advantage in cost savings and hassle free.


Outsourcing allows companies to focus on other business issues while the hassle in managing the workers are handle by experienced outsourcing companies. Though detail understanding and the need of our clients we will identify and facilitate placements within a short period of time.

Our Outsourcing Concept

  • We will supply the company from time to time with updated biodata and conduct, discipline, attendance and other personnel information of records in respect of the all workers.
  • We will provide the company a copy of their passport, work permit and visa as a proof of legal worker.
  • We will provide own cost and expenses at all times throughout the duration of the service, subscribe to workmen compensation scheme as prescribed by law for death, injury and other loss incurred or suffered by workers arising due to workplace accidents. We also fully responsible for all claims and to pay the effected worker for all medical leave and expenses incurred.
  • We will pay wages of all the workers with compliance to Malaysia Employment Act and to provide pay slip to all workers.
  • We will manage and supervise all the workers and always feedback and update to the company on all arising issues.
  • We will ensure the workers demonstrate good behavior and compliance with statutory provisions and requirements of the company in respect of the attendance, nature of work, quality and performance of the work.