Company Overview

Seteguhbiz Resources is a wholly owned Bumiputera Malaysian Company dedicated to providing consulting and management services for the recruitment and employment of Malaysian citizen and foreign workers by our Malaysian employers. SETEGUHBIZ RESOURCES was incorporated in Malaysia in July 1997 to help companies and individuals find each other. We are specializing in providing application and recruitment consultancy services of skilled, semi skilled and unskilled manpower from Malaysian citizen and cross border countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Indonesia, India, Philippine and Thailand.


The primary activities of SETEGUHBIZ RESOURCES is to bring to our customers a comprehensive range of manpower recruiting service by collaborating and placing skilled, semi-skilled and general workers in a wide spectrum of businesses for prospective employers in Malaysia. To better service to our customers, SETEGUHBIZ RESOURCES has committed to build a long-terms business relationship with our valued existing and potential customers by providing better services. We are equipped with the knowledge and practical experience to help you address all your manpower needs. You can be assured that your needs will be given our utmost attention and confidentially. Build your assets into a winning combination for your business success today.


On top of this, we offer total human resources services package such as transportation, accommodation, recruitment, payroll management, discipline management, workers welfare, counseling, HR consultation as well as training and development. We also provide the total supply chain management through the incorporation of manufacturing and logistics operations, which in line enhances our customer’s flexibility while decreasing distribution difficulties, turnaround period and moving charges. Our terms of services focuses on manufacturing, service, construction and plantation sectors ranging from electrical and electronics, automotive, rubber and plastics, steel, chemicals, machinery,, food and beverage, construction, plantation, hotel as well as cleaning and maintenance industries.