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Provide The Best Total Solutions.

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Our Services Specializing in providing application and recruitment consultancy services of manpower.

Spot Service General Workers

Outsourcing to meet the sudden surge in manpower requirement.

Flexible Services General & Multi-skill Worker.

Outsourcing to meet the seasonal demand of manpower requirement.

Core Service Skill Workers

Outsourcing to meet the basic manpower requirement.

Core Features

Best Total Solutions For Your Business

Bring a comprehensive range of manpower recruiting service by collaborating and placing skilled, semi-skilled and general workers in a wide spectrum of businesses for prospective employers in Malaysia.

  • Worker's Welfare
  • Legal Workers
  • Manage and Supervise
  • Workers Payslip
  • Workmen Compensation Scheme
  • Ensure Quality of Workers
  • Manpower Management
  • Logistic Facilities
  • Workers Transportation
  • Professional & Ethical Standards

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